EYAL ISAACChief Executive Officer
As CEO, Eyal Isaac helps lead the talented team that makes up LISS Technologies. Eyal has helped deliver high tech solutions to large enterprises and small businesses for two decades. By seamlessly bridging the gap between complex technology solutions and the businesses that benefit from them, Eyal has a great understanding of what technologies help to increase productivity and efficiencies while keeping the client’s IT expenditures as low as possible.

A seasoned IT architect trained in many capacities of the industry, Eyal has worked in various capacities in the IT field, including major projects with Time Warner Cable, AOL, and Mitsubishi. A central figure in developing the diverse infrastructure and cloud offering that distinguishes LISS from other agencies, Eyal is an active member of the MSP Community and is constantly working to improve the quality of service and solutions that LISS delivers to its clients.

Fluent in multiple languages, Eyal is uniquely poised to handle the diverse needs of the global marketplace and plays a key role in the expansion of LISS Technologies. In the year 2000, Eyal, along with his business partner Ira, was integral in taking LISS to the next level in business development by adding several new service options that increased revenue by over 300%.

Ira brings decades of experience in technology management to his many clients, and focuses on identifying and developing new service opportunities that enhance business efficiency and efficacy. Responsible for LISS’ national expansion to key US regions, Mr. Reisman works closely with industry giants like SNET, AT&T, Bell Labs, and Lucent Technologies at the executive level. As a skilled information architect and systems integration strategist, he builds and leads high-performance teams that handle the robust needs of both large corporate ventures and specialty service providers that rely on crucial, machine-based workflows.

Born and bred in the high-technology business sector, Mr. Reisman has worked with LISS since age thirteen. A lifetime entrepreneur, he briefly developed his own consultancy while studying business management at SUNY Albany before revitalizing his family brand. Mr. Reisman oversees every aspect of the high-technology industry with executive skills ranging from business operations to developing key, strategic partnerships with vendors like IBM and Microsoft.

Mr. Reisman also manages strategic product procurement in the areas of time systems, enterprise software and data management & storage. A vital and results-based corporate partner, Mr. Reisman played a crucial part in developing both the intellectual capital and data infrastructure that distinguishes LISS from other technology firms.

STEVEN REISMANPresident Emeritus, Founder
Steven holds a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from CCNY and an M.B.A. from Long Island University, Roth Graduate School of Business. Prior to founding LISS Consulting in 1987, he held positions at Revlon, and Hazeltine, a United States Federal defense contractor known for developing “Identification Friend or Foe” IFF military detection and identification systems. A key player in managing Primavera Systems software to manage Department of Defense contracts, Mr. Reisman has played an active role in the rise of today’s global technology workforce, both creating the path for and securing his place in the next generation of technology solutions providers.

In his advisory role with LISS Technologies, Mr. Reisman adds his executive experience in creating several category defining products and solutions to the LISS competitive advantage. He provides advanced thought leadership skills to the many LISS projects both completed and in-progress.

JON KATZDirector of Operations
With over 15 years in the technology industry, Jon understands what the right IT solutions can do for a company and he is intrigued by the ever-changing potential and individualized application that technology presents for each client. Especially when IT solutions are maximized through quality and efficiency, which is where Jon spends most of his time.

His position at LISS focuses on creating individualized processes, implementing procedures and improving workflows to increase efficiency and productivity on behalf of clients. As an astute problem solver and articulate, interpersonal communicator Jon is uniquely skilled in examining and understanding metrics and then verbalizing to clients.

CHRISTOPHER BRUDERERDirector of Technology
Chris holds a BS in Computer Science from SUNY Albany and he compounds his comprehensive education in the high-technology sector with practical on the job experience that benefits all LISS clientele. As Director of Professional Services, Mr. Bruderer implements and structures complex and customized technology solutions for the business needs of our diverse client base—from the legal arena to the public real estate sector.

Mr. Bruderer offers clients a flexible tech management style that puts their priorities first, resulting in major fiscal reductions and higher ROI. Focused, creative, and cost-efficient, he has designed and implemented both large and small scale technology strategies using the latest tools.

Along with his technical knowledge, Mr. Bruderer adds the corporate know-how to restructure or revision pre-existing systems and create more profitable business infrastructures.

CHRIS CASTOROClient Services, Technical Lead
Chris attended SUNY Cobleskill and holds a diploma in Network Engineering from the Chubb Institute. As Director of Client Services, he brings longstanding experience with Cablevision and Managed Service Providers directly to the client by providing dedicated Helpdesk support and agile trouble-shooting capabilities.

While Chris leads the client services team, training and process enforcement are part of his daily tasks as well.

From end-user education to complex software environments, Chris is the voice of the LISS Helpdesk, extending the LISS advantage to our clientele and maintaining the long-term relationships that make LISS thrive.

CLARA MILLERDesign Director, Interactive Technology
Clara graduated from Pratt Institute School of Design and her intense, design education is the foundation on which her extensive knowledge base of web-based applications is built.

Her role as Design Director of all interactive technology at LISS involves managing various creative projects, the development teams and acting as client liaison.

Mrs. Miller is a well-rounded, creative technologist that specializes in Concept Design & Development, multi-platform Information Architecture and User Experience & Interaction Design. She’s also a conscientious and tenacious problem solver who takes pride in getting the job done with excellence.

Before joining the LISS team, Mrs. Miller owned Eternity Graphic, a web design/graphic design company where she developed many creative projects for Fortune 500 companies in New York and globally.

ANTHONY NGDirector of Client Services
Anthony attended Anthem Institute of Technology and holds a Networking and Security Diploma. With over 10 years of experience in the IT industry, Anthony understands what it takes to provide the perfect service for clients. As Director of Client Services, he builds on current processes and procedures while leading the Helpdesk and Escalations teams.

His exposure to small and medium sized Managed Service Providers gives him the ability to guide LISS to success. Along with his daily tasks, enforcing process and providing internal training is also part of his day. His goal at LISS is to provide the best client experience and making technology work seamlessly in their organization.

Anthony was born in raised in Brooklyn, NY and currently resides in Queens, NY. His current motto is “treat others how you want to be treated”. He is a New York Jets fan and hopes he will one day see them win another Super Bowl.

Adrienne graduated with a degree in Fashion Merchandising Management. After working several years in the Fashion Industry, she changed gears and was introduced to a management position within her family’s business. After excelling in customer relations and management, she felt it was time to push the envelope as a female and joined the IT Industry.

Adrienne has been part of the LISS Team for over five years, growing and embracing new challenges in technology while keeping her clients as a top priority.

PETER IBEKDirector of Professional Services
Peter Ibek holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with over 10 years of professional experience. Getting into the IT field early on and naturally progressing through all the levels Peter has built a solid foundation which allows him to understand yesterdays technology and quickly adapt to the “next big thing’. He uses his skills to lead his Professional Service team to success and client satisfaction through continuous education, hands on training and product research and evaluation while keeping things fun.

Outside of work Peter enjoys traveling the globe and crushing double black diamonds, he is also a self-proclaimed master chef.