Flexibility and the ability to pivot organizational structures and workflows has always been important. Never has this been more true than in the current situation with COVID-19.

The way companies conduct business has shifted dramatically and it is unlikely that we are going to return to something like “normal.” However, it is important to recognize that what the pandemic has really done is accelerate trends that were already taking shape.

The Rise of the Cloud.

The way businesses leverage technology has been rapidly evolving for several decades now. In the last five to ten years, cloud computing has taken off, bringing flexibility and efficiency to nearly every industry.

One rising trend has been the popularity of remote work and the distributed workforce. Organizations have been moving in this direction for years, opening up the opportunity to acquire better talent wherever it is and allowing experimentation with different organizational structures.

Today, with many companies forced to embrace work from home, taking full advantage of the cloud has become necessary for continued success.

The trouble is that a migration of your systems and processes to the cloud isn’t as simple as buying a subscription. There is good news though: LISS Technologies can custom-tailor an approach to the cloud that is designed specifically for your company.

Three Options in Cloud Computing.

The cloud is not the cloud is not the cloud. There are different formats, each with advantages and disadvantages.


Large platforms like Amazon’s AWS or Microsoft’s Azure—both of which Liss Technologies has expertise in—rent the actual server space needed for cloud storage and computing and include applications for business.

Public clouds are more affordable to set up and are easy to expand as you scale your business. Actually leveraging public clouds to their full advantage can take an experienced partner, and we can help train you and your staff on best practices as well as resolve any issues.


Private clouds are a bit more expensive to set up, but the advantages include enhanced security and highly customizable systems. Private clouds can be precisely tailored to your workflows and operations, meaning the cloud can pivot with your needs.

Because you will not be relying on Amazon’s or Microsoft’s in-house security or management, LISS Technologies will step in to continually monitor the system to maintain uptime and minimize threats.


A hybrid solution does just what you would expect: spreads your IT across public and custom private clouds to maximize advantages and minimize disadvantages. Because each business’s operations are different, this model lets you maintain legacy applications while realizing the cost savings associated with public clouds.

Inherent in this strategy is that you don’t fully realize the benefit of either model, but you negate most or all of the disadvantages.

So What’s Best for Me?

LISS Technologies takes a consultative approach to all of our clients looking to migrate systems to the cloud. There is, however, one thing all businesses have in common: they should be taking advantage of the cloud in one form or another.

Our specialty is finding exactly the right solution for your firm, executing an efficient migration, and helping you to realize the benefits now and into the future. The cloud is more important today than ever, so there has never been a better time.