Our team of IT professionals provide the level of expertise you need. From simple to comprehensive, we’re able to match our level of coverage to your budget.

Because in today’s successful enterprise, Information Technology is integrated throughout your entire business. We understand every facet of IT in all its complexities. And our experienced professionals leverage it to maximize your performance.

We are one company with multiple divisions that provide:

  • IT Outsourcing & Consulting

  • Marketing & Web Development

  • Data Storage & Backup

  • Internet Solutions

  • Business Development

  • Network Building


We monitor your systems 24/7/365 to ensure your IT functions at peak capacity. Our proactive approach addresses glitches and makes adjustments that prevent problems, effectively trouble-shoot when problems do occur and even help you anticipate and plan for future needs.

We match our level of service to your level of need. Which means we can start your IT department small and grow it seamlessly along with your company.

You’ll gain:

  • More uptime

  • Savings on unnecessary billable hours

  • Savings on cumulative IT annual costs


Is your business expanding? Moving offices? Do you need a standard or comprehensive IT upgrade? A complete hardwire of a new facility?

We understand and specialize in every kind of IT infrastructure endeavor—from routine office upgrades to complex installations. We’ve completed projects for major corporations like Time Warner and one of New York’s largest realtors that saved them thousands in improved efficiencies.

You’ll save money by getting the level of expertise you need for only the time you need it. It might entail a short-term hourly rate or a more extensive, fixed-fee project. Either way, we deliver cost-effective and highly scalable solutions.

Services Include:

  • Installations & Upgrades

  • Project Management

  • Disaster Recovery Planning

  • Business Continuity

  • Forensic Computing

  • Consolidations/Dissolutions

  • Bankruptcy/Receiverships


When IT issues do arise our HelpDesk provides tiered level support. From competent professionals skilled in handling routine issues to seasoned experts knowledgeable in resolving complex problems.

We respond at the level of expertise you need to quickly and effectively address all your IT questions and concerns. And with one simple goal—to keep your systems online and running smoothly 24/7/365.

Support services include:

  • Reliable 24/7 availability

  • Monthly reporting

  • Strict Service Level Agreement


We take pride in not only delivering IT solutions, but value-added services that improve your work efficiencies and productivity.

And that means increased profits.

Sometimes an off the shelf application will suffice. Perhaps, off the shelf with slight modifications to achieve a function specific to your business. Or maybe you need an original IT solution tailored to a specific function.

Our level of expertise is fluid at all three levels. We install, program, integrate and train.

We won’t sell you what you don’t need, but deliver the level of functionality that is right for you. We firmly do believe that your success is our success. And delivering the best solution at the best cost builds a partnership that fosters success for both of us.

In today’s organizations, IT functions are integrated in all areas of your business…computers, telephone communications, security systems. And that includes not just the hardware, but the software packages too.

Everything must work seamlessly for peak performance. It means knowing what hardware devices and software packages work best together. Which ones do you actually need? And then installing and integrating it all to get the right balance for your business.

And then there’s another wild card. Understanding license agreements and negotiating contracts.

It’s confusing and one bad decision will cost you extra in time and money.

We understand this entire maze and will help you successfully navigate it by purchasing equipment, negotiating contracts and installing the systems right for you. This alone saves you time, headaches and the unnecessary expense of over buying.

We can even help you plan for future expansion. Our bottom line is about helping you achieve the right results for your bottom line.

IT solutions don’t exist in isolation. They support the success of your business. To ensure that success, we help you determine solutions that promote a thriving business. Through our consultative process we learn about your business, how it works and the direction you want to go. And then in partnership with you, we construct a customized solution that takes you there.

When considering a facility, you should also consider your IT infrastructure. How well does the facility accommodate cabling? Can you easily run the cabling to work spaces? Will it be attractive?

We’ll help you plan your IT infrastructure in advance and avoid costly mistakes in both time and effort. It will build more flexibility into your system by considering future needs, and make that future change easier and less expensive. And we’ll help you achieve a more attractive work space by minimizing unsightly railing and power poles.

Restructuring your office space? Relocating your business? Along with moving office furniture and equipment, it also requires moving the IT infrastructure that supports your business functions.

This involves disassembling and reassembling a network of servers, computers, phones, faxes and software along with a multitude of power and data cabling. Transporting it to another location and making sure everything is connected and working the same as it did before the move.

Our team of experienced professionals will carefully and completely relocate your entire IT infrastructure. All you have to do is turn it on and start working.

Need more information? Please contact our team.