Stick to the Job You Were Hired to Do.

Let us do our job so you can do yours.

Businesses that have any kind of online presence, communicate with customers, or manage business partners via the Internet need IT management support. Instead of going at it alone or designating a non-technical team member to handle your IT, leverage our expertise, resources, and guidance.


Pass off day-to-day support.

We know that day-to-day support requests can be a massive time black hole.

Instead, let our team of support technicians handle these requests across your organization with a rapid response time.

Today, LISS supports thousands of users across 100+ companies.

We help with:

  • Day-to-day troubleshooting

  • SysAdmin support

  • Requests for access to files, apps, and hardware

Establish & standardize processes.

Business downtime is costly and often out of your control. It might be due to a virus, cyber-attack or natural disaster. So it’s important to have the measures in place that insure your business continues regardless of the event.

We provide off-site storage locations, multiple redundancies and tiered levels of safeguards to protect and maintain your IT functions. So no matter what happens where you are, your IT functions are safe, secure and quickly online.

Even if your local office is temporarily down, your business is always up and running.

Let LISS help to establish and/or streamline your:

  • On/off-boarding management process

  • Device procurement and provisioning

  • Network and server selection, installation, & optimization

  • MDM setup and installation across your devices

  • Application provisioning and credential management

  • Cloud organization & policy configuration

  • Selection and implementation of 2FA or MFA, device-level security, & network standards

Leverage our expertise and guidance.

Get access to a fully loaded IT team that scales with your business. Because we want to support your organization across all of the aspects of your IT needs, we’ve acquired the tools and wide array of expertise to match.

Between our Service Desk, Professional Services, and Managed Services teams, you have access to 30+ IT management experts who are available to make recommendations throughout your service. We’ve also partnered with key technology providers that help us provide you with best-in-class remote support.