Legal / Services Agreements

Agreement Framework

Our customer agreements (“Service Contracts”) consist of three types of documents, each with a specific function: an estimate, proposal, sales order, scope of work, order form or similar document (“Order”), our Master Services Agreement (“MSA”) and relevant Service Attachments.  This framework provides you with the flexibility of placing multiple orders with us, as and when you need.

Each Service Contract is subject to general legal terms and conditions (Master Services Agreement) and specific terms and conditions for your chosen services (Service Attachments).

Master Services Agreement – Last Updated 6/1/2020 [View]

The Master Services Agreement provides the general legal terms and conditions applicable to all of our services.

Service Attachments

The Service Attachments provide additional service specific terms applicable to the services you’ve ordered.

  • Managed IT Support Services – Last Updated 6/1/2020 [View]
  • Data Backup Services – Last Updated 6/1/2020 [View]
  • Cloud PBX Hosting Services – Last Updated 6/1/2020 [View]
  • Private Cloud Services – Last Updated 6/1/2020 [View]
  • Web Development Services – Last Updated 6/1/2020 [View]
  • Microsoft SPLA Licensing – Last Updated 1/1/2020 [View]

The terms of any applicable Service Attachments are controlling over the terms of the MSA.


The Order describes the services you’ve ordered, as well as the fees you’ll pay for those services.

The terms of a Service Order are controlling over the terms of the MSA and any applicable Service Attachments.